How to install grblShield to Arduino Mega

Today I get grblShield. I want to use it my arduino mega r3 colone. I can only this way to put it on arduino. is it right ?


That looks right to me. You have D0 through D13 hooked up correctly.

You are best to use a standard arduino over the Mega. GRBL for the Mega is a branch that is not supported well. If you are willing to live with software that is not very well supported then the Mega is for you.

Sonny said that 1.1f was the last release for the Arduino Uno as, indeed, the Atmega328P is maxed out on resources.

The Mega should have temporary limited support, but not the follow on of choice.

He has some nice plans (yes, 4 axis) for grbl’s future and says he is going to support the SAMD21 (Arduino Zero),

Obviously, plans can change.

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did you check TinyG?

Today I try to run gshiel with mega . its not working.