How to keep the power cable for the Dewalt 611 from interfering with the carve

Sometimes when the carve is in progress the 611 power cable will get caught on the edge of the X-Carve and cause the spindle to move which messes up the carve. The cable can’t be loaded in the drag chain I have. What solutions have others done to prevent this. I also have had the power cable shaved by the spindle.

Could you ti-wrap it to the drag chain?

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Or zip tie.
But it’s probably better to route it the opposite direction from the stepper wires.

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I did zip tie it to the drag chain. I have been thinking of getting the drag chain upgrade so I can straighten out the wire mess I have. I don’t think I should put the power cable in the drag chain so I may look at a way to use the old drag chain to hold the power cable.

With the upgrade you can put the power cable in the drag chain. It will fit into both drag chains and about 9 inches of cord will stick out.

The power cable for the router is running in the same direction as the stepper wires. I’m probably not understanding what you are saying.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The AC power from the router causes a lot of electrical noise. A simple solution to those with EMI (Electromagnetic interference) problems is too keep that noisy AC line isolated from the DC signal lines.


I’ve had my Dewalt 611 power cord routed through the same drag chain as all the other wiring since I first put the machine together (September 2016). The only issues I have had that could be remotely called “EMI issues” is off-path wandering and dropout of the router that can be directly traced to brushes wearing thin and I use the system quite regularly.

But that’s just my experience. I’m sure others may have differing degrees of success (or Failure)

Same here.
I’ve had mine in the drag chain since I first built the machine.
No problems at all.