How to make basic shapes?

I’m new to Inventables and my X-carve, so maybe I’m missing something, but is there any way to make a 90 degree arc/curve cut easily? I could make a whole bunch of points on the line tool but that’s not really a good curve…

Thanks in advance…

Not sure i am understanding you right but are you wanting like a half circle?

make a circle and stretch it to get the desired arch/length. Then cover up what you don’t need with a white box

Thanks for the replies, I watched the tutorial and what I was looking for was actually pretty simple - make a line, then select one of the dots and change it to arc. Unfortunately the circle/square thing won’t work as I need multiple 90 degree arc lines right next to each other and covering up with squares would interfere with the other lines.

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  • Make a full circle, set to Fill and Full depth
  • Make rectangle/squares to “block out” the not wanted area, set to Fill and depth = 0
  • Choose Combine, this will delete any shape or form that is set to 0 depth