How to make this SVG file cutable?

I am struggling a bit with my designs.

I create them in Autodesk 123D and export them to .STL

Afterwards I import it in Tinkercad and export the file as .SVG

When I import it into Easel, alot of tool paths dosnt show up.

I have tried importing it into Inkscape, choosing Path -> “Stroke to Path” and then “Object to path”.

Then I import it into easel, and i gets sove very complex tool paths, and it is somehow like it “double” carves the project when testing it.

Any advice how i can improve my exported SVG’s without buying som expensive software?

The file is here:

The SVG is of a chamfered rectangle with five internal “slots”. Is that correct? If not, the issue is happening when you export to SVG.

Yes, but it is more a question about how I can improve the format/path so it dosn’t show up with errors/missing paths.

I’d guess that the issue is with Tinkercad. I don’t use it, so, can’t help.

Hi @JohnSorensen—It looks like the part that had missing toolpaths had its points listed in the opposite direction as the others (clockwise vs counterclockwise). This shouldn’t make a difference but for some reason it does seem to be throwing off Easel’s toolpath generation. We’ll look into what exactly is causing that.

In the meantime, the easiest workaround probably is to separate each “slot” into separate objects before saving the SVG. You can do this in Inkscape by going to Path -> Break Apart.

The “Path -> Break Apart” worked greatly, thank you!