How to place an arc on an inside corner

Is there a way to place an arc on an inside corner in Easel? I’m wanting to put a curve on the corners indicated but cannot figure out the best way. (Easel newbie here.) These are just two boxes I’ve combined. Help!

After you combine the shapes add another square where the shapes meet. Then combine the objects, select the object and use the Edit Point tab or press E on your keyboard while the object is selected. Then you can select the node and click on the curved tab. Then drag the node into place. Not the best software to do it in but it can be done.
Or you can place a circle over the square you combined with your shape, set the depth to zero and combine the circle with the object.
I suck at explaining things


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Thank you Russell!

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Get fusion 360. Draw it the way you want.then import the profile. Super easy.