How to re home in UGS?

Hello All,
I have been using UGS to send code from Fusion 360 but have recently started experimenting with a trial version of Vectric cut 3D . I am playing around with their two sided cut models. I have been starting the 0 in the center of the stock and then flipping the piece when finished with side one. The machine seems to return to the prior XandY but sits about 10mm above the surface of the original Z. I have been eyeing the Z and just lowering the bit back to the surface for side 2, this has been working…but is there a way to get the bit to return to the last Z?

I have also been thinking about using my Triquetra touch plate and going from the corner. Would this eliminate me having to use a squaring template on my bed? I currently set up a 90 degree jig on the corner and then flip the piece and reposition.


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