How to run xcp with the spindle off? This is for a drag knife

how to run xcp with the spindle off ? for a drag knife. I tried lowering rpm to 0 but it forced me to 10 rpm. I tried skipping turn spindle on but that didnt work.
I need to run a cool vinyl cutter I got on ETSY but I cant use it yet. I looked at the forum and couldn’t find any way to run the x carve pro with the spindle off.

I’m not interested in altering code ( I’m just not good at code yet / running out of time on a project ) . I have an original x carve too I can use if no one has figured this out.

Thanks in advance.

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The simple method is to unplug the spindle at the back of the control box.

Method #2 (***not quite editing gcode, but also not too far from it)… you could edit the grbl settings for $31 set that to be 10 instead of 0 . . . this would make “10” the new “0” and since easel only lets you go down to 10, then that would actually be 0 for the spindle itself … . .
Whether this will let it rotate freely or not I am not positive whether it makes the spindle HOLD position or rotate as you’d want it to be able to rotate for the drag knife…

To Edit the grbl setting you’d press crtl+shift+D in Easel to open the machine inspector page and then at the top in the “console” section you’d type
and send that command.


Has Inventables given any reason why they don’t program the ability to set the spindle to 0 or just have a toggle off option? I have been trying to do the same with a drag knife and it seems pretty lame that you can’t shut the spindle off easily in easel.

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I’m going to email them now.

Well I emailed and got an auto FAQ saying a drag knife was an unsupported upgrade and they had no plans on adding it. But who knows ? Seems like an easy selling point.

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