How to set home coordinate to 0, 0, 0

I recently purchased a second xCarve machine. The previous machine, after homing, thinks it is at position 0, 0, 0.

The new machine thinks that the home position is -750, -750, -1.

I need both machines to have the same coordinates so that they can use the same python code for a custom visual inspection application.

Can anyone help with this issue?

Reflash the new machine? Don’t ask me how, but that will do it.

How do I re-flash Grbl to my X-Controller/Arduino? – Inventables (

The problem is address in this faq about half way down:

Frequently Asked Questions · gnea/grbl Wiki · GitHub

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Thank you for the helpful tips, Martin.

I will look into that solution.

Look forward to your explanation if it worked and how you did it. I have the same issue. Homes but thinks it is at -47.192 for the x and y. While not a huge deal for me since I dont use python code but would be interested to hear about how you utilize python on a separate discussion.

Hi Dustin,

I’ll update everyone on how it goes. Turns out I can’t do the experiment until early next week when I am next in my lab.

In short, I’m using python to send g-commands over the serial line to position the xCarve head. On the head I have mounted a vision system that we use to assess damage for our products. The xCarve is a nice solution for some of our products that don’t fit in commercial vision systems.

Hi Team,

Martin’s suggestion worked. You can follow the first of Martin’s links to download the Arduino IDE and install the grbl library. It turns out, I had this library already installed in my ArduinoIDE from previous work.

Once it is installed you can go the config.h file in the Arduino/lib/grbl directory. I commented in line 126 and commented out line 561.

Line 126: #define HOMING_FORCE_SET_ORIGIN // Uncomment to enable

Line 561: //#define PARKING_ENABLE // Default disabled. Uncomment to enable

I then flashed the arduino from the ArduinoIDE, and went through the Easel set-up again: Easel (

After homing with python code, the home position is now (0,0,0) and I am getting the desired behavior.

Dustin, if you want to do this and have further questions, please let me know. I’ll be happy to help,

It may be important to note that I may be using an older grbl version. I used the one installed on my computer (likely several years ago) instead of downloading the software referenced in Martin’s first link.

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I would love to hear more about your vision system application. That sounds like an interesting alternate use case for an X-Carve. Can you share some details about that?


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