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How to set up a Fusion 360 tool library from the milling bits I have?

It seems to me I should create a Fusion 360 tool library containing the milling bits I actually have. So far I’ve got the 2 sample bits with my X-Carve plus the 1/8" 5 different piece milling sample pack from Inventables. Some of these bits have Onsrud part #'s and some don’t. So what’s the best way to create a Fusion 360 tool library with my bits? How do I determine the various feeds and speeds that are part of the Fusion parameters?


@StevePrior - you have a couple options. Easiest thing to do is create a new library and then create new tools within the library. I put all my tools in the cloud library should I ever need them to be accessible from the web when I’m not at my computer.

I have not found a way to duplicate or copy a tool, so I created new ones. There maybe a way but it is not intuitive to me…

I’ve attached my library should it help you…

crg_tool_library.json (10.7 KB)



Thanks. Cloud doesn’t show up on my list of libraries - did you have to enable that somewhere?

Found it, you’ve got to enable Cloud libraries in CAM settings.

I will add my library to
xcarve-tool-library.json (10.5 KB)

This including the er11 holder

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Thanks, I’m looking at it. I don’t understand why the tool library cares about modeling the holder/collet, as far as I can tell once you know the shank diameter you’d use whatever holder allowed that shank - can you explain?

For a machine like the x-carve, I don’t think it will ever matter and isn’t really a necessary step. A machine like a Tormach, if you model the holder and the bit length, when you install that bit, the machine can offset the z distance correctly when you tell it which tool number you are using. Then you can do tool changes without having to re-zero the z axis like you do with the x-carve after a bit change.



OK, that makes sense. Thanks for the explanation.


there is another reason to have the collet in there as well.

Fusion 360 can calculate collisions, which would be bad :wink: so It could give som more space if you model the collet.

The effort of adding the collet was very limited after understanding what goes where.

Ofcourse you can make your own script afterwards or just hndle it manualy.

Look for the toolchanges(M6) and add a pause and a tool z offset and you can work with different tools in one g-code file

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anyone got tool library for the vbits?

+1 for me too :grinning:

Oh yea, a f360 tool library for vbits would be great

Could you please be so kind as to possibly post a video of how to set up a collet for the tool holder? It seems as though not only I, by a “myriad” (my word of the week) of people are hitting a wall on this one, as Autodesk, does not seem to want to provide much direction to us router users. :slight_smile:

I have sent a request to their “Idea station”. If you would still like it, please feel free to “Vote” on it.

HI Guys, I’m pretty new to Inventables, we’ve got a carvey and i’m trying to create some standard set of tools on Fusion 360. I’ve based it on the settings from Easel. Attached is the tools, if you recommend any improvements that would be great. Even modelled the Holder of the Carvey :slight_smile:

Carvey- Fusion (3.8 KB)


Thanks for the Tool List it’s helped a ton !


You can setup a v-bit using the Chamfer mill and set tip diameter equal to 0 (zero) and setting the angle of your tool. It’s been working for me.

Hope this info to be useful!!