How to setup Easel for diamond drag bit

Using 90 degree drag bit to etch cast acrylic. How do I set up the bit in Easel? What feed rate, etc do I use? When I setup my material, which is 1/8 inch thick, Easel made 5 cutting paths. That would cut through the acrylic. I only want to go about .02 inches deep in the acrylic. I had to modify the thickness of the acrylic so it would not cut so deep. Is there another way to set the cut depth? This is my first time etching. I have a 3018 pro machine.

Unless you are trying to etch some type of infill pattern, you want to have single-line elements in your design and use “Cut on shape path” for the Cut Path.

For diamond drag bits, you really do not need much depth, but you do want the spring to compress a little that way the diamond has a steady constant force pressing it into the material regardless of minute surface height changes. Set your Z-Axis so that the tip of the diamond just touches the material.

I used the following:
Feed Rate - 55 in/min
Plunge Rate - 9 in/min
Depth of Cut - 0.125 in

Set the objects in your design to be at or shallower than your selected “Depth of Cut” so Easel will only generate a single depth pass to carve everything.

Here is something I made for my wife a few years ago. There is a second, better iteration, but I have not had the chance to etch it yet.


Brandon R. Parker

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