How to slow down the Z plunge speed?

As subject really.

I have some very fine bits that cut really clean and tight once cutting but don’t like the speed they are initially plunged into the material (copper).

Is there a way in Easel to tell it to step down much more slowly for the initial plunge and any following step downs but carry on as normal for everything else? Would save me a ton of broken bits and the resultant costs.



DUDE! Good Luck with copper… it has got to be one of the most difficult materials to machine… it’s like trying to machine play-doh…

I have some limited experience with it in a lathe and in a milling machine, and if it was up to me, I’d find ANY other material to work with…

YOU CAN DO IT, but be patient…

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You’re not wrong Jay. Soft, flexible and horribly grabby. Cut too slow and you machine harden and burr it, too fast, it’s a grab and broken tool.

I’m having good results with 1/8" bits, but took ages to find the sweet spot on feeds. But want to use the finer bits for detail but too grabby for normal plunge speeds.



You can look in the gcode for the z acceleration and change it… Other than that you have to use separate cam software and ugs to control xcarve

Another possible work around might be to reduce the depth and increase the speed.