How to Square my X-Carve

So I’ve had the X-Carve for about two months and I’ve solely been using Easel or Easel Pro. When I make pockets or anything engraved, it leaves significant tool-path ridges and it’s very tough to sand out. After looking on the forums, I am coming to the conclusion that the machine isn’t square. So I’m attaching a picture to show that it is not. When I set the square to the side of this plate, it shows as square but on the face of it, you can see there’s a gap at the bottom. What can I adjust to fix this?!

So I put the square up to the maker slide and the right side was good, but the left side had a slight gap towards the bottom. I loosened the screws on the left side and got the maker slide itself square. Unfortunately, it did not help that plate.

I’m just a little confused that if the x axis maker slide is square, you’d figure it would be an adjustment of the gantry.


How did you resolve this issue. I have the same issue