How to submit my project to Mosaic Challenge

I have made an inspiration tile for the Mosaic Challenge. When I try to submit my project it keeps saying that it can’t find my project. I pulled the link from the File -> Share menu item in Easel. What am I doing wrong?

I even tried publishing the project and it didn’t help.

Here is the link to the project:


Where are you submitting that? That challenge was live a few years ago.

At the page here:

From the Getting Started with 3D Carving book I thought it was still live. The site seems to almost work. Some of the other challenges specifically say closed.


There has not been a good challenge in a while. Perhaps Inventables should have one this year. I liked the carves in under an hour challenge. I think that challenge brought good designs to the projects page. I think a similar challenge would be good and I think that the participants should choose the winner.