How to surface waste board?

So I have a 48x96 custom built table and the depth of cut on my projects i noticed have been inconsistent. With that being said, how would you guys go about surfacing such a large table?

Also, although my table is 48x96, the cutting surface is about 5" smaller each direction. So even if i do surface it, there will still be higher parts around the perimeter of the table since those are areas the spindle cant reach.

So i guess my question is, what benefit would surfacing give me? Cause once i load a new sheet on, it’ll still sit exactly how it sits now, just slightly lowered where the cutting surface is, which could potentially cause cut pieces to fall/move (depending on how low i set my z obviously).

Any info would be great about surfacing as i have never done it yet.


Phil Johnson is usually the man for this sort of thing. I believe he has it in his tips and tricks page.

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Use the biggest diameter flat end mill you got (3/4" common with wood work bits, larger specialised also available)
Make a cut pattern covering the entire work area.
Run in say 0.02" increments until the whole surface is cut, you can check for low spots with pencil lines across etc.

Set step over to 90% to cut time (pun intended)

For levelling of the waste board it is required that the surface is firm and supported and won’t continue to sag due to its own weight. Re-skimming may be required from time to time.

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Alright guys thanks, i’ll try to make some sense of your replies this weekend. Unfortunately the guy that built it is very busy and i can hardly get him to answer a text. It started doing this after i replaced the first waste board (that he put in).

Theres only one low spot that i notice and its about 2 ft x 2 ft. Everywhere else cuts fine.

I wish i was forced to build my table like the rest of you, i’d probably have more knowledge of problems that come up haha.

@HaldorLonningdal This was VERY helpful, thank you for this. :wink: