How to Upgrade Old XCarve with new Power Board

Afternoon Guys,

I have an old XCarve and the MOSFET went bad on the power board which attaches to the power supply unit. I contacted Inventables who were really great and they sent a replacement board, the problem is its for the new control box.

Has anybody done a similar upgrade and has a wire diagram? Cani still use the Arduino and GRBL shield?

I have a relay to turn on and off my spindle and a zero block which i have never wired up.

I think i want to build a custom housing with an E Stop

I hope somebody can help



Which controller is it that had the MOSFET fail on it (X-Controller or GShield)?

You can most definitely still use the Arduino & GShield combination. You should update the GRBL firmware if it has not been used in a while.


Brandon Parker