How to use 3D

I am very new to CNC and Easel. I am trying to make a star and watched videos on youtube. I bought a 60 degree bit but now don’t know how to make the software deign the star how I want it. I want crisp clean points but do now know how to do it. Advice would be greatly appreciated.


More detail about what you are trying to do and where you are having problems might prompt more response. Are you engraving a star?

Like Neil said we need more details. With the X Carve there are basically three ways to make a shape. 1. Cut it down into the work piece and clean out all the interior (pocket or fill) 2. Cut away the material surrounding the shape which then leaves it standing higher than the rest (profile or outline). Doing this you can choose to cut it all the way out and end up with a separate piece not attached to you original work piece. 3. Just follow the shape outline and cut a groove to the desired depth (engrave or outline).

Which method are you wanting to use and what problems are you having?

*Bold items are Easel buttons to do the type of cut.