How to wire quiet cut spindle to the new X Controller?


I am a beginner in the world of CNC machine.I just received my X Carve.
I would like to know how to wire the quiet cut spindle ( with the spindle speed controller ( to the new X Controller.
I have 48V power supply.

Do you have pictures of wiring or shema?

Thanks for your help

I have been running a QC spindle with a 48v power supply and speed control with an original arduino/gshield for a couple of years now.
Recently, I decided to do an upgrade and add a laser to the mix.

My electronics knowledge is somewhat limited so bear with me in my explanation.

I was simply using an optical isolated relay to turn the speed control on and off and speed control was managed by a potentiometer that was plugged into the speed control itself.

Since I wanted to use a PWM signal from pin 11 on the arduino for the laser, I changed settings on the speed control (moving a jumper) and made the needed wiring connections only to discover that the speed control would not turn the spindle at any more that approx. 75% of max speed.
I checked my signal voltages and all seemed correct.
Next step was to reach out to inventables customer service and Griffin suspects that the speed control is unable to process the high speed switching of the pwm signal or the control itself is wonky ( my term, not his) .
He suggested and I have ordered a pcb that connects directly to the 48v power supply that has a larger capacity component that can handle the signal from the PWM. this will eliminate the need for the speed control all together as I understand it.

I know from experience that what you want to do is possible, I’ve done it. But now I want to do something different and therein lies my issue.

The new component is a speed controller, just set up to mount to the power supply. Be careful wiring it up when you get it. Keep your logic level wiring separate from the 48 volt wiring.

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Hmm, 48 volts back to the Arduino = electronic scrap.:open_mouth:

I should have said existing speed control :+1: