How would i execute this cut?

I’m assuming the use of a ball end mill bit, but beyond that, I’m not sure. Thanks for the help!

yes you have to use a ball nose bit and do not use easel you have to use something like fusion 360, aspire. etc to achieve the 3d cut

what you are cutting there is a profile i believe so you have to have a program that can generate 3d g code

what is the project that you are trying to do?

a curved depression into the face of a a cutting board. I have access to aspire, just not sure what to look for in the program.

thank you for helping! I really appreciate it.

no problem yeah look at this like there is a video but its for fusion but might help

Here is the link to the aspire tutorial to create a dish shape:

thank you so much!

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you can use any 3d carving tool for the g-code and easel will send it happily to your machine.
I did this with my 3d model from cut3d