Hi Michael,

To get some help, you’ll need to share your project.

Here’s some instructions on how to do this from @SethCNC HOW TO SHARE your Easel CNC Project with a SHARE LINK - YouTube

Thanks I just got in from the shop and will follow the link.

I appreciate any help. I just used a .stl file and imported and changed material, bits, and feeds.


Here is another one with a similar issue.


The issue generating the error is the use of Full Depth Cut Out with Auto Tabs in both models. This error occurs when the STL model is not closed (like yours where there is a hole at the top to hang the ornament in the first STL, and the gaps between the letters and words in the second model). if you uncheck the “Use Tabs” checkbox the model generates ok.

My suggestion is to cut them without the tabs and use painters tape and CA glue or Woodworkers tape to keep the ornament secure as it is being cut out. I’d still clamp the stock wood for the carve too.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks so much, I will give this a try. I appreciate your help and feedback!


The Ornament I see this:
Material thickness is set to 0.75"
Model Position for Z: 0.05"
Model Size in Z: 0.7"
Because of the way Easel rounds: the Model Position Plus the Model Size needs to be LESS THAN the Material thickness setting, I usually leave about a 0.02" safety gap there, which also accounts for imperfect workpiece as well, otherwise the high part of the model might align with a lower part of the board and miss getting carved and then will look odd.

So after reducing the Model position to 0.03" the toolpath calculates through just fine for me on a Dell optiplex 7090 running google Chrome without any special settings or hardware… the preview looks very poor, but that’s from using such a large ball bit on such a small size model, the bit needs to be much smaller for this carve to come out looking good… like 0.5mm diameter Tapered ball bit would be well suited for this carve…

Thanks Seth, I have been trying to figure out how the thickness and the Z position worked as I have gone through the bottom on several pieces. I did get this to run the preview so I tried to made the orinimate and it was doing fine until it was almost through roughing and it suddenly went to the middle and dove down deep and cleaned out all that it had left for the 3d model. When I went back and looked at the simulation it does that in the simulation as well. Not sure why or how to fix that.

Sorry for the beginner problems. Appreciate the responses!

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