HTTPS for Easel

Hi folks,

Inventables is launching HTTPS end-to-end encryption for Easel. We’re currently beta testing it at

You will need to upgrade to the most recent testing/early access Easel Driver:
Windows Installer
Mac Installer

For most users everything should just work. However, users that run specialized DNS resolvers or run on corporate networks may run in to issues[1]. If you do, please let us know.


[1] Easel communicates with the Easel Driver via a websocket connection. That connection previously connected via the loopback IP address ( Firefox, Safari, Edge and IE will not make an insecure local connection to that address. For those browsers Easel makes a secure websocket request to (which has proper HTTPS certificates) which resolves to Some networks disallow rebinding private IP addresses, which can cause issues with this approach. This is not an issue with Chrome.

If anyone would like to beta test the Easel SSL endpoint, we’d love to hear from you on how your experience was. Feel free to post in this topic.

Hi Phil,

This driver doesn’t make any changes to supported configurations.

We currently support the following Grbl versions:

Grbl 0.8c
Grbl 0.9g
Grbl 0.9i
Grbl 0.9j
Grbl 1.0b
Grbl 1.0c
Grbl 1.1e
Grbl 1.1f

On the following operating systems:

Windows 7 and above
OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and above