Huanyang Spindle

I have been using a 2.2kw Huanyang VFD 110v spindle for the past 3 months and it has worked great. I went into the shop yesterday to run a job and when I turned the spindle on it ran for about 10 seconds and then shut off, I received an error message E.OC.A. I have checked all the wiring and its all good. I operate the spindle directly from the VFD. I have been reading the past 2 days on problems with the spindle but have not found what caused it to malfunction. Hoping someone else may have had this problem and found a solution. I’m linking a video of the exact problem that I’m having. I will disconnect my spindle and the VFD works good. I have reset the VFD and still have the same problem. I redid all the wiring and still the same problem. Its looking like I may need a new spindle.

There is an old thread on about error codes for your brand. I gathered from reading it for a minute that E= Error, OC= Over current but didn’t see the “A” code listed.

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Thanks they had a few interesting threads on that forum. I wrote Huanyang but they’re on Chinese New Year till February 20th. so I will wait for a response from them before purchasing a new spindle.