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I am using carveco maker, but can't get z set

Hey people, I have to start off by saying I don’t know much at all about cnc routing… Okay next to nothing. But here is what I am doing.
I am using carveco maker, a program to write the v code to carve out a picture of our dogs into wood. I am having two issues. FIrst is when I turn on my machine to carve it out and hit start it raises up about an inch or so, and then heads out to carve but doesn’t even get close to the board. I think it is a Z issue, but not sure where to look.
Next issue is when I tried this out on UGS platform 64 it cut next to nothing in depth as the picture barely shows up on the ugs or f-engrave with any detail (that is why I am trying Easel by inventables, it seems to come up with a slightly more in depth picture in the viewer, but it could stand to be better also) any suggestions there?

Again I ain’t the brightest, nor am I skilled at this… But thank you in advance for any help/suggestions.

Hello did you get this figured out? I’m thinking of also trying Carveco and wanted to know how well it works with an X-Carve.