I and my machine are confused

Using a 12 X 30 Longmill, Easel free., I start with a 360 X 260 MDF set up Easel letters in the grid. When I use Sienci touch plate, the carving starts 10 mm right of where the design is supposed to start. When I use left front bit set manual, the carving starts 100 mm left of the project. Can you help me with this problem? Thanks, Art

Can you share the easel project and a photo of the workpiece on the cnc, showing where you are setting x,y zeros when you start the carve.

How to share the project is about halfway through this video

On my first try, I used Scienci touch plate Left bottom corner. The sign was located at the top of the grid. As you can see, the picture moved far right. The second try the name was dropped to the bottom of the grid to use the same board setting the bit bottom left corner and the V in the carve would have been totally off of the board. I do have gsender but I do not use it in conjunction with easel. I am running a Mac computer with Safari.

The top carve is way off to the right. The bottom carve would be off of the board to the left.
Thank you for your interest. Art

Hmm, It’s poossible that the calibration is off causing the carve to be out of position like that. This same process can be done on other model cncs and using other softwares, i think gsender might even have a built in calibration tool to make it even easier…

Id start by verifying the cnc moves the proper amounts its told to move.

Thank you, in gsender, I flashed the GRBL and all is on the up and up working as it should. Thank you again. Art


I did the same on a 3018 and it works fine

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