I bought a X-Carve.. Now what?

Maybe i’m bad at googling… but is there a ‘best practices’ type guide for the x-carve/shapeoko? Everything I’ve found deals more with setup/calibration (i’m not worried about any of that).

I’m looking more for stuff like:

  • What bits should i get and why?
  • Why do i want VCarve Pro? (how is V-Carving different then what Easel can do)
  • Standard speeds/depths for wood types/plastic/alum…

I’m sure i’ll figure it all out… but i’m just looking for stuff to read while i wait for my x-carve to ship :smile:

I would suggest watching a few of the Vectric Vcarve video’s to see what Vcarve can do

You can also download the free trial version of Vcarve Pro (or desktop)

[quote=“BrianM, post:1, topic:16700”]
I’m looking more for stuff like:- What bits should i get and why? [/quote]




Probably should read this also:


Awesome! Thanks everybody for the links. I’ll start reading them tomorrow at work… er… i mean home.