I cannot get a project to cut the correct position on reverse side

I am new to this and have a little Sainsmart ProVer and I’m trying to carve a design on both sides of a piece of wood and have it come out even on both sides. When I carve a circle and/or text on one side, I center it in the work piece, and then turn it over and carve another name or circle, it’s off center with the other side. I use material stops so I can align the piece the exact same place as the one side and it comes out wrong. I know it’s confusing to understand what I’m trying to say. Maybe this will explain better. If I drill a hole half way through the piece on one side, in the center of the piece and then turn it over and drill the same hole in the center of the piece on the other side, they don’t align. Any advice would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance.

If you go to the projects page and go to the Easel live classes go down to flip milling and v carved boxs and you may learn something from that.

Designing in locator pins is a good way to go. With a hole cut all the way through the workpiece, the hole can be used to locate one position from either side.

Another thing to be careful of is the material thickness. The material thickness needs to agree with that of the design.

Finally, be careful with two sided designs and check to see if the work piece should be flipped left to right or front to back. I have seen people ruin 2 sided machining by flipping it the wrong way.

Once you get a good design dialed in, it can be a great system. You can run a whole sequence of side As and then run a whole sequence of side Bs. This can be very efficient production.

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