I cant load inscape svg to easel

Hi new to this , was into laser before dipping my toe into cnc . Im trying to export a small design from inkscape to easel . I have converted to path and tried exporting under all the svg options , however when i try to open in inkscape . I keep getting error message about text ( see pic) as you can see by the design there isnt any text involved, totally stumped

ps the design is a bit off i can rectify that



Can you share the svg?

t3 this is what i have saved from inkscape

There’s some invisible text in your file. Delete that and you should be good.

Weird text removed.

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Cheers just did a fresh one and it imported fine . How did you identify the text? Be handy to know in the future.

Ctrl+A to select all. Never could actually see it.

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Much obliged to you . It was starting to get to me , was always a corel user for laser so all a bit new