I did it! I finally did it!

Ladies and gentlemen, after two years of my x-carve sitting around collecting dust, I have made my first carve. I was a little nervous, but everything went without a hitch.

Now for the back story I suppose. I purchased and assembled my x-carve 2 years ago, however, due to work and a number of other projects I was never able to actually carve anything. One ruptured bicep tendon later and several months of free time, I decided to finish setting it up. (By the way, the tendon thing, I don’t recommend it. It’s nasty business.)



Congratulations, I think?

That’s great news you started up the ole CNC. It’s sad these things have so much potential and just need the mind of a creative person to bring them to life. and oh yeah “Time”. Post pictures I know I love seeing projects.

Phil, I’ve got mixed feelings about it too. Lexo, I’ll try to remember. I finished a project from years ago by making my daughter a cradle for her dolls and tonight I managed to make half tone carving look like an image. Later tonight or tomorrow I will be looking at doing a good level on it. In fact, I will probably spend a bit of time searching the forum on a good way to level the machine.