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it often happens that, once my pc is turned on, I insert the usb, turn on x controller, start easel, press carve and … all the axes are inverted!
why easel loses the configuration? how can i avoid deleting the cnc and recreating it every time?

thanks guys, see you soon.

I always turn the x controller on first. The GRBL settings are contained in the circuitry of that. Maybe that’s what you need to try.

From the instructions:

X-Carve Instructions: Computer Setup (inventables.com)

In this step, you will be setting up your machine with the Easel. You have already wired the X-Controller to your X-Carve in previous steps.

Power on your X-Controller. You should see the LED lights, on front and back, light up as well as the rear fan spinning. Make sure the e-stop button is disengaged. If the e-stop is engaged, the X-Controller will not power on or connect to Easel.

Now it’s time to connect the X-Controller to your computer and complete your first carve.

Log Into Easel

If you purchased a Fully-Loaded X-Carve 1000mm Kit, make sure to Activate your Easel Pro key. Your Easel Pro Key can be found in your receipt.

We’ll begin by navigating to the Easel login screen. If you already have an account with us, you can log into your account. Otherwise you can enter your email address and create a password for a new account.


Kinda sounds like a power spike the way your turning it on could be resetting the grbl settings to factory default, which apparently has an incorrect $3 (and maybe more) settings…

Try Martins method :+1:

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Thank you Martin

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Thank you Seth

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