I found some help in deciding a project font

I am not completely sure if this is the correct area for this topic…I apologize if not.

For me, one of the biggest struggles I have in designing a new project is deciding what font to use for my text. Unlike some people, I am not very good with fonts and finding/deciding which font to use can be a tedious task. That was until I found this site - https://wordmark.it/

After loading the page you type in your text word or phrase and then it will show that with every font you have on your system. At that point you simply scroll around and see which one(s) you prefer. (‘Every font’ was a phrase I read that described this site. I have not verified that statement.) You can also select some and hit the “filter” button to show just those giving a better side-by-side comparison.

I think it is pretty cool, has helped me a lot, and could help others as well. I am not affiliated with this site in any way. I was browsing a page of “Most Helpful Internet Pages” and this is one that was listed.


That is a great find. I also can never seem to pick the right font. Thanks for sharing.

That is quite handy. Thanks for sharing.

That’s really cool! I’ll check it out. I literally have thousands of fonts, so I’ll see if I can crash the website…:sunglasses:

See, is people like you who… Joking. :smiley:

Another option would be a free software called AMP font viewer. http://www.ampsoft.net/utilities/FontViewer.php
Fonts can be viewed from a folder without installing them. Probably helpful for people with 10.000+ fonts

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just checked it out, pretty handy, thank you!

I use FontBase, but there are lot of Font Manager out there: