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I got a new laser (Opt Laser set up)

Sry I didn’t notice this thread earlier.

TTL input can go with 0 -24V. Any voltage higher than 2,5V will result in max power.

ANG input should be used with maximum 5V. And current flowing through the diode is proportional to this input.
You can use 2kohm resistor in series to the analog input and then it can also be connected to 10V. When you connect 10V to the ANG input without the resistor it will work linearly in 0-5V range and in 5-10V it will be outputing max power but will not damage the unit because of too high coltage.

1kHz PWM will also work while connected to the PWM output. Grayscale may work a little worse then but it depands also on fall/rise time of the impulse. Using higher PWM frequency you make sure that power is averaged properly. But for 1kHz PWM even the DAC are not perfectly working because the response time is 1ms. The difference can be seen with high feed rate when during this 1ms time laser is changing the position. Anyway 1khz means 1000 samples per second, while engraving the feedrate is around 30mm/s it means that every 0,03mm the material is receiven the laser shot. It is very short time and only some of the materials can show the difference.

Here is the drawing for connection. (Sry for the form, we will prepare something done better way for the instruction). New docking station will have all inputs/outputs as 1 to 1 without the order change.


Back to it. And THANKS to all who have been offering information!

Not that it makes much difference but my outputs on the Xcontroller are different than what is pictured above. I still have the PWM and GND so I should be able to muddle through.

@larrym I’ve loaded your version of grbl due to the rave reviews about how well it works with Picsender.



I will be interested in hearing how the OPT laser works with the 1 KHz PWM. It shouldn’t affect vector laser work (laser on or off). Let me know if you do any raster work (variable power) and if so how it turns out.

Small offtop :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: OPT laser is Chinese company, Opt Lasers is our company :smiley:

I’m also interested how it will work with 1khz, I think we did some testing but it was at the beggining and I do not remember the results.

@CoryMccormick I took the photo from google, maybe that is an old version. For the one you show you have two options:

  1. Connect Spindle PWM to the TTL input
  2. Connect Spindle 0-10V through 2k resistor to the Analog input

Remember that you are using only ONE input to the driver. The one i not used you leave not connected :wink:

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Certainly will. When I’m up and running I’ll post my thoughts for everyone.

Ever get it together?

I have the newest XCARVE and have had great success with it. I wanted a laser to attach and after reading reviews and utube I purchased the opt laser from Warsaw Poland. I purchased an extra power source as shown in their setup and I have connected it correctly. When attached my fan goes on and when I start up I get a quick flash of laser. I’ve tried several laser Gcode programs but have been unsuccessful in getting them to run?
I asked Matt at opt and was told that the old program was no longer being sent out and a new one on the way. Can anyone help with a good laser Gcode
Program that will work well with this?
Much appreciated

Which programs have you tried?

I use Laser GRBL, it’s free software with good options and features. The website has some documentation but requires practice. I prep all my engravings with Inkscape.

Thank you!! I will try

I have tried LaserGRBL and it let me move the laser
And turned on but I had to preset some items first.
Also I tried running a simple burn and it was unsuccessful. I’m going to try it again. Maybe I missed something.
I’m not expecting an easel for laser, I just can’t find a SVG to laser gcode and program to burn??
Thanks for your help :blush:

What did you try to do, and what did it do when you tried it?

How was it unsuccessful?

At this point you need to be more descriptive of trial and errors. Maybe a picture. There are so many variables that could be effecting your setup.

I recommend answering @LarryM questions, I’ve read through countless threads to know he’s the resident expert on laser.

@Opt_Lasers I sent an email earlier, but then thought it might help others if the information is posted here as well.

Under the X-Carve wiring instructions it’s the X-Controller’s PWM out that connects to the laser module’s analog input. Which of the two methods (PWM or 0-10V through 2kOhm) is preferable for connecting to the module’s analog input to get variable power?

Also, is there a reason not to take 24V for Vcc directly out of the X-Controller’s power supply?

I just thought of a possible 3rd option, since the analog input will tolerate 5<V<10 .

  • set max ($30=511)
  • set min ($31=0)
  • connect 0-10V out to analog in
  • limit the CAM to use min S0 to max S255

That should map to the required 0-5V range.

[Edit] just noticed in the manual you can use 12 - 24 volts, so yes you could take the power from the X-controller unit if it has the additional current available…

Limiting the voltage on the analog in pin via software could work, but a software error could damage the laser. The resistor voltage divider would protect your system no matter what the software did. A better solution in my opinion.

You mean in case someone forgets to limit the max in software and sends something >5V? For instance, a S410 in the example range of 0-512 would output ~8V, but if the following stands

wouldn’t it be error proof? Or were you thinking of something else?

I hadn’t seen the 5-10 volt sentence from OPT.

It seems that you wouldn’t have a problem with the hardware in that case if that statement is correct.

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Thank you for the great suggestions. I thought I sent a reply but I guess it fidnt go through.
I did purchase a 12 volt external power source.
i see OPT Laser now includes it in the xcarve
package. I found the wiring diagram was fine it
was more of a program issue. I tried several programs but many were too complicated for engraving and I felt like hey I don’t need another
I now use Inkscape to create my project and save the SVG to a PNC file. I open it up in LASERGRBL
And adjust size, power, run speeds
And Vola!
Awesome laser art!
I really like the OPTLASER from Poland
Don’t get confused with Chinese make
Driver and fan are in one unit and has quick
Disconnect so it’s not on while routing!
Thanks again

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I use Lightburn software with my Opt Laser. Amazing.