I have an stl and I just want to cut the shape out not 3d

yes I have - Music_stands (FORUM). it has the notches of both 12mm and 9mm in the same location on either stand. are you implying I print 2 of the 9mm and/or 2 of the 12mm? I did that 2 exactly the same for 9mm and 12mm. Each one should be different. If its not that one I can’t see them/it. So the project you shared that you said you even went to the trouble to make for me wont slot in together to forma stand. print yours and print mine. Anyway - the current issue is I asked questions about the attached solutions. predominantly my son’s svg that has heaps of tabs etc etc.

This is my last post on this thread.
You have all the tabs because you have open vectors rather than a closed shape.




Again, thank you @NeilFerreri1. Your effort and guidance is appreciated.


One last update…one of my students will get a ukelele stand tomorrow!
Adapted for laser cutting from scrap “1/4"” ply (actually closer to 4.5mm)

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I hope they play the ukulele.Are you showing your fusion 3d project that I poimnted to? Yes Thank you for your guidance

can we close this please?

I have several that do…I asked before I took the time.

I made a version in Fusion when you started the thread. I use Fusion and inkscape for most of my work.

We’ll leave it open until you post pics of the final product.

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