I just cut a hole in my waste board!

I can now use my X-Carve to drill precise holes for the masts of my hydrofoil projects.

First, I cut a hole in the top of my waste board, and added some clamps on bothe sides.

And I added a board below, with a similar hole and clamps.

Now I can drill precise holes in the top of the mast.

Looking good.


Cool solution! Exploring the “Z-minus” plane. I like it.

Nice. When I saw the title I thought something else. hehehe.

I used the X-Carve itself to cut the hole.

I like your clamping method more than I like the holes :smiley:

I may use those clamps for projects where I don’t want anything on top of the piece I am working on. I have to screw them into the waste board, but those are small holes.

Great seeing folk thinking laterally.

I’m always kinda amused/surprised when I read about people stressing about their wasteboards. I read in another post somewhere how some of us could probably be identified by the various scarring and burning on our wasteboards, and I think they’re probably correct.

While there’s a dozen ways to manage things, my el-cheapo solution was to break the wasteboard into bits right from the beginning. This way, each one is sacrificial and replacing the most-used section, doesn’t mean replacing the whole thing. I can also remove one section to access the hole cut through the table below allowing me to work on the ends of longer material.

I have to resurface things sometimes, but with thicker mdf, that not really an issue. My ways isn’t any better, it’s just another way…


The new joint is holding. I really wouldn’t be this far advanced in building my own hydrofoil without my X-Carve.

It is listed as a hydrofoil on a NACA foil database. Something like this one, though I don’t remember exactly which one I used: