I know this is a weird request...is anyone using the Spectracide Japanese Beetle traps?

The Japanese beetles are so bad in my area that every store, including Amazon is out of stock of the traps to end these pesky bugs that are destroying my fruit trees. It’s painful to watch!

I was able to buy replacement bags and lure, but not the kit that includes the plastic piece that holds that bag open. I was wondering if anyone happened to be using one of these traps where they could roughly sketch up the shape of the plastic piece in Easel so I could cut it out.

I know it’s an obscure request, but these guys are terrible this year and I’m itching to get them back for all the damage they have caused!

Check Home Depot or homedepot.com.

Thanks for the thought Robert but all of the hardware home improvement type stores and even Walmart stores near me are completely out. But I found buying the spare bags and bait I have been able to use dowel rods and makeshift it to work.