I know what I'm after but I'm clueless as to what it's called or if it even exists

Hey there, so I want to know if a material exists that’s kind of like cling/Seran wrap to overlay on my material (MDF/Ply sheet) prior to engraving.

The purpose served would be to keep the un-engraved surface of the material covered while I apply spray paint to the engraving. After the engraving is completed and the paint applied, the coating would be peeled off.

Any help or input greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

  • Painters tape
  • Removable vinyl (Oracal 631 is low tack removable)

You’re looking for masking material and I’m sure there are plenty of alternatives than the two I listed. Not sure if the MDF surface would be more susceptible to damage or not from harsher adhesive solutions.

Add this to the list to experiment with…
Airbrush Frisket Film

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Thank you!

Masking material, of course…

I will experiment and post back with whatever cuts cleanest.

I use transfer tape for almost all of my masking. http://www.ebay.com/itm/301245852314


Oramask has been mentioned on here before.

One method that works is using saran wrap and spray one side with low tack spray adhesive.
The trick is to let it dry a couple of minutes before applying.
Air brush frisk-it is good but expensive.
I air brush from time to time and use paper or overhead transparencies as masks.
Here is the over head transparency that I used to do this T-shirt. I used the mask to prevent over spray.

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