I’m stuck can someone help

I’m trying to make this. The turtle picture has the black on it when you open the file. I added the Turtle Shack to it. I’m wanting raised letters to coincide with the relief carving. I tried to do it VCarve pro. I have now done this in Inkscape. But can’t to seem get past this part. I have been waiting two weeks to be accepted on VCarve pro forum so I can’t ask there. Can someone possibly give me some details on how to proceed from this point.

Or maybe can tell me how to remove all the black from around the gray.

I’d skip inkscape. When you purchased that sea turtle file, what format is it?

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It’s jpg

This is original file opened in VCarve pro

Did you just download a preview image or did you buy it?
I had assumed you purchased the 3D model. A picture of a 3D model is not the same as a relief grayscale image.
Just buy the STL.

ok will do it if i can find it again…lol