I made a wireless remote e-stop and hold feed

Hey all!

So, I’ve been looking for a way to remotely hold feed and emergency stop the machine.
Quite often I’m about 10 m away from the machine at my desk.

So, after some research I’ve found remote relais on ebay :slight_smile:

And - it - fits - perfectly!

The remote has two buttons and the receiver two relais.
One is set to momentary for hold feed and one is, how you call it, one press to shut off and an other press to turn on.
It runs on 24 V DC directly from the power supply! It gives a loud audible feedback with a piezo speaker when turned on and switching the relais.

I’ve cut the parts with the X-Carve. It was my first time working with plastic. It’s not perfect, but it’s inside the X-Controller, so nobody will see this lousy cut parts. Plus it was my first CAD drawing :slight_smile:

I’ve made it so that the receiver has to be upside-down. This way the fan of the powersupply has still plenty of space for airflow.

I’ve soldered two cables to the hold feed button. Than connected one to the relais COM terminal and the other to NO (normally open). (looking back this is definitely not my finest soldering… more like baking)

For the estop, I’ve removed one side of the eStop button and connected it to the relais COM terminal and from NC (normally closed) back to the eStop button.

At first I was afraid that maybe it won’t have any reception inside the aluminum, but it turns out it works fine from the entire studio. Even from the toilet :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
I’ve picked this receiver over even cheaper ones because it has an screw-on antenna. Whereas others have a simple wire as an antenna. So, if I would have bad reception I would simply buy an antenna extension cable and drill a hole in the back of the case.

I’ve made the plastic parts because I didn’t want to drill four holes in the top case :slight_smile: This is more fancy and non-destructive.

Best part? It only costs $25.- with shipping :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hope this helps some of you guys!