I Make 3D Custom Relief Carving Patterns

If anybody needs to have a custom relief carving pattern created then let me know. I’ve been making these types of patterns for a few years now and have recently started a web site to offer my services. I’ve done a lot of military stuff but also do logo’s and plaques and stuff. I don’t do other types of projects, just 3D relief. I give free estimates too.

Here’s my web site: cncproductionwork.com

You have a great web site and are obviously very skilled, Is Gcode the only way you supply the finished work? I would never run gcode on my machine that I did not create. Can you provide an STL file? Or even a crv3d file for Vectric?

I like to work with g-code but I can do stl files also. I use a software called bmp2cnc to create g-code. I work quickly because I use raster software to make the patterns. This gives me more standard tools to use that aren’t available in 3D software. Since I work fast it doesn’t cost that much. I also use zbrush software to make stl files. So it’s an extra step in the process. The cost is more for that extra step. I would have to smooth things out, define details and compress the mesh down to a size that is able to be emailed. So the cost for this would be $1.20 for each sculpted object rather than $1.00 standard charge for contoured objects. So it’s not much more especially for simple patterns.

I suppose I could share the .stl or .obj from my OneDrive at full size and skip all the compression stuff.

Ya, I’ll change my web site info and order form to simply provide all the options. No extra costs or anything.


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Alright then, I’ve reworked my web site to include .stl or .obj files as an option and an order form. I will provide download links to the high resolution files.

I’m wondering if people will want to have water tight kind of box .stl files or files that end at pattern edge. I’ve not worked much with these files. I suppose I’ll find out as I go along. When I make g-code I can compensate for bit sizes and it’s built right into the code. And I can do cut out code etc. It probably depends on the CAM software that different people use as to what they will be able to do as far as formatting their own run code. I could also make .stl files with the gradual bevel down to floor depth built in. That’s all part of my thing, I mean making code that doesn’t make sudden plunges and stuff.

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You made a 3d model for me a couple of years ago. I’m interested in having you do some more work for me if you’re interested. I don’t do the Facebook thing, so I’ll need another way to contact you

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Alan Malmstrom did some great stl files for me in the past, but he’s gone radio silent for the past year or so. His website is closed. I really have not found anyone who does as consistently good work as he did.

Damn. I hope he’s alright. Thank you for the info.