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I need help converting an image of my badge to a carveable vector

Hello everybody,
I have been trying to convert an image of my badge to an SVG or G-Code (or anything else) that will allow me to carve it and I have failed miserably every time.
I have tried to use Inkscape, Convertio, and all the free resources I can find online and the image never comes out good enough to carve. I thought before I pay someone a lot of money to do it for me, I would throw it out there to see if any of you may have a program and can do it for me?
I would very much appreciate the help.

Work safe,

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Try using and see if that will help you out.

Can you share an image of your badge?

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This is the badge I am needing converted.

Thanks, I will give it a try.

While your image above looks crisp to the naked eye, zooming in shows the “dithering” and “aliasing” going on in the image

Things like “THE GREAT STATE OF TEXAS” are difficult to read and won’t be converted cleanly. Details such as the Texas seal are blurred as well. Is there a way to get a larger image of badge?

What size do you foresee your finished project to be? Are you looking for something simple such as a 60 degree V bit carving of the badge as a line-art rendition, or are you after something with more detail and relief resembling an actual badge? Are you looking to add the red, white and blue with paint when it is finished?

Hello Harry and thank you for assisting me.
I would like to do about a 20 inch detailed carving of the badge if possible and will probably just leave it a polished wood instead of painting it.
If I cannot get a clean enough image to carve, I would at least like to be able to do a line carving of it.

How about an STL, you can then add the text with a V-Bit. I imagine, depending on the material, it might take a while to carve at twenty inches :slight_smile:

Hello Craig ,
I am unfamiliar with “STL”. Can you give me some info/pointers? Thank you for your help!


STL (Stereo Lithography) files are files in the .stl format and are most commonly used in 3D printing. The format describes solid shapes in terms of tiny triangles that define the surface of the shape. Programs like Vectric Vcarve and Fusion 360 can import such solid shapes and create G-code toolpaths to cut them out. Easel cannot process STL files at present, but your Xcarve can nevertheless carve such designs using Gcode created from Vcarve or Fusion 360.

Harry described the STL perfectly. I guess I should have asked you what your process was for carving. I use Aspire to create 3D models and post process, never using Easel. Since I do not use Easel, I did not know that it could not import a STL. So let me ask, what is your process for carving and intentions. A simple flat carving or a 3D model similar to the picture I post previously and what software do you intend to use. Then we can get you on the path to success :smile:

In this case, the only way to get a sharp clean errorless SVG you need to recreate the file.
you can do it with illustrator or similar vector drawing software.
If you cannot do it yourself then you can hire a freelancer who expert to make it.
there are lots of marketplaces where you can hire one for this.
Also, their many dedicated websites where you can find it ready to download in multiple formats. Not all the site provides accurate and sharp detailed files. do you need website names that I use always that have very sharp clean SVG files?

Uploading: Sacramento County Sheriff badge svg dxf cnc toolpath laser cut file.jpg…
here is a file i recently buy for the website
Sacramento County Sheriff badge svg dxf cnc toolpath laser cut file

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Thank you!

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Yes please…names of SVG conversion sites. thanks, Alan

a quick Google search of “jpeg to svg” or whatever your source file type is to svg and you get plenty of resources…

i mean they all have limited capabilities and I would suggest Vector Magic which is not free…

or inkscape, but you have to download the program…

I have done several intricate badges and LE patches. I have someone that does them for me. For me, paying her 25 bucks saves me a LOT of time. I’ve tried conversions myself. It’s a PITA. If you want her contact let me know. Good luck either way.