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I need help on UGS platform (Alarm: Cycle Start)

When I switch on UGS it indicates this Alarm.

What does it mean and how to cancel it?

thank You

It means that you have turned on the program and it has no ideal of its conditions.

to clear the alarm if you have limit switches you need to run a home cycle this will let the program know it position and conditions.

If you do not have limit switches you can clear the alarm with the reset command and set your zero manually which will let the machine know you are ready with its current conditions.

  • If you have homing switches installed and enabled, click the $H-button. This Home the machine and clear the alarm state.
  • If you dont have homing switches or choose not to use then, click the $X-button, This clear the alarm state.

Thank You both for response. But seems the issue is not that.

I found, that if I press the knob, named as HOLD then I have alarm message : Circle HOLD start.
If I press knob , named RESET then I have alarm message: Circle RESET start
and finally. If I press knob named START, my alarm message: ALARM Circle Start just disappear .
If I release it I have again : ALARM Circle start.

So, it like this knob (START) acts vice versa. How can I solve this? May be just to inverse connected wires?

The machine is idle, though?

That is not an ALARM…weird that UGS would label it as such. Does that just show when you press one of your buttons? Those are all meant to be momentary switches. What types of “knobs” are you using?