I Need help Please! Keep Getting This Error

Check your front panel buttons on the Xcontroller. Make sure none are accidentally pushed in. A “pause” on the Xcontroller causes a door open state.

But you’ve probably got some garbage on the serial bus. Trying reinstalling the FTDI drivers.

Look at this post and follow his steps:

If it were me, I would re flash the x controller to grbl 1.1f, and then go back through the machine setup from setup 1.

It sounds like something has corrupted the config file in the x controller, leading to the safety door message. This is a setting in the config file for grbl, but is normally commented out before compiling.

X-carve works fine on his other computers. It’s not an X-carve issue.

From message above, we can see that the “Feed Hold” (door open state) is not tripped.


Exactly, but if I remember correctly, the easel setup procedure also adjust settings within the driver, does it not?

Performing the setup again would then redo those settings and overwrite any driver corruption.