I need help :)

Hi, I want to cut a sign for our shop.

I made the text with Rhino -> DXF export
Easel DXF import

For some reason I can not keep the inside of my a and b letters. Kan someone point me in the right direction?



I don’t anything about Easel, but it almost looks like you’re doing a pocket cut instead of a V carve.
That’s what I see in the top pictures.
In the bottom pictures , it looks like you’re cutter is too big and the software is ignoring the where it cant fit between the vectors.

Can you share the Easel Project and/or the original DXF?

Here you go

WBC.dxf (3.9 MB)

I want to pocket cut, but the inside of the a, b, d etc must not be cut.
The wood is 18 mm and I want the letters to be 6 deep for example

@RafJaeken The internal part of the letters is a different line than the outside of the letters. Select the inside of the letters, set the cut to fill and the depth of those to 0" and select the outside of the letters and set cut to fill and the depth to however deep you want.


What Shane said :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, sorry but when you know it seems so easy :slight_smile:

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Under the word Beach you have some of the flower pedals that need to be set to Zero also.

Since we are at it, I also make a groove and tongue OSB desk.

Since the the cut bit is round, the cuts have to be

Is that something than can be done automatically or do I have to take it into the design?



You should be able to select the pedals like you did the inside of the letters and set the cut to zero. How big are the desk?

2500mm x 800mm x 1100mm

this is how the preview looks


This is how it should look

Use the “dog bone” generator app to create those over cuts.

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or instead of making it look tacky you could also just spend a minute with a chisel :slight_smile:


Yeah or do everything by hand, that way I don’t have to ask stupid questions :sweat_smile:


is that Rhino you use?

If so, I’d suggest trying Fusion. I used Rhino too for a few years but for stuff like this it isn’t flexible at all. Parametric software was made for these kind of applications.

Yes I am using Rhino but effectively easel doesn’t seem to like Rhino at all, I export to dxf and then import in easel but for some simple things now I get an error message that my svg paths are not closed…

Fusion has CAD and CAM in one package so you won’t run into those shenanigans. You’ll run into other ones though :wink: You can even bypass the need for Easel altogether if you use another gcode sender.

It has a steep learning curve, but I’m learning every day and so far Fusion is really what I never realized I needed. Once you get the hang of it it really makes sense.

Say your plate thickness changes. With Rhino you’re starting over. With Fusion however if you design right it’s a matter of changing one value and the finger joints magically match again.

Seriously, look into it, it’s totally worth it.


Fusion 360 is THE design suite to end all other suites, in my opinion. It is one of the best pieces of software I’ve ever encountered.