I need some help from an advanced Fusion 360 user

Hello I am looking for some help from someone highly experienced in Fusion 360 working with bodies components and mesh bodies

I am having a problem with files that have a bunch of components consisting of unstiched bodies and I am not sure how to convert them into regular bodies

please pm me if you think you can help or email me at workinwoods@gmail.com

thanks for your help in advance

I just installed fusion 360 and am working on my first project.
I’m having a problem with extruding.
I’m drawing a sign base that has a pocket in the bottom of it, and it will also have a door.
I have drawn the base and the pocket.
I also need 6 door support features (4 in the corners and 2 on center line)
When I draw the door supports, and then extrude them to the bottom of the pocket, they also “lock” onto the
base surface and then I cannot reduce he height of them (.25) for the door to sit on.
I’m attaching picture to help explain what I’m trying to achieve.

You could create a sketch off of the inner ‘top’ surface and set its extrude distance to whatever 0.25" less than flush with the bottom would be.

…and another way is to model the bottom lid and copy one to perform a “cut” of the base model :slight_smile:

I appreciate the responses.
However, I’ve learned that it is an offset of a plane.
first click on the feature, then do the offset.
So much for me to learn…

Work in progress - for all of us mere mortals :wink:

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And with so many ways to skin the cat, it can be confusing for sure.