I need to create 45 degree radius gauges

I am building a train layout and I need to cut out whats called a radius gauge of the many different radius I need.

(For Example) The short description is I need to cut a 15 inch (on center) arch which is 1/2 inch wide and 45 degree’s. I can draw the 15 inch radius circle and get a 1/2 wide strip.

What I can not do is figure out how to only cut a 45 degree portion of the circle.

Any ideas as to how to do this?


You need to add rectangles set to zero depth covering the 3/4 part of the circle you do not want. Practically cover unwanted parts.

Then you can Combine these objects and the zero depth area will be deleted.

Something like this…? That might not be the correct size, but it shows how to do it.

The shapes have not been combine so that you can see what was done, but if that is what you want then just select all of the shapes and combine them. You would then only be left with the arch. You can then change it to an outline if that is what you want.


Brandon Parker

I am sorry its taken so long to respond. I have some screen shots to upload then I will respond to what is being shown.

Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 6.01.52 PM

The 1st picture is what I started with which is the different circle cuts which will create a various of radius from 20in down to 14in. Each of the pieces are .5 in wide.

The 2nd picture is the picture of what is being cut on the material.

The 3rd picture is my circle with 2 squares and a triangle covering up my unwanted circle sections leaving roughly a 22 degree radius.

The 4th picture would be a acceptable result, then i could use my saw and cut the pieces out of the work piece.

The 5th picture is the result of selecting all objects and combining. Of course thats not what I want.

BTW, There are 12 circles in there to make up the 6 different radius gauges I need to start with.

And 2 large squares and a triangle.

There has to be a easier way to do this.

I updated the example to be 45-degrees. Playing with shapes in Easel is one of the easiest things to do to make other, more complicated shapes. Just keep working at it and you will eventually get what you need.

If you still have problems, I might be able to discuss it with you one-on-one if you need.


Brandon Parker

In order to create this in easel did you have to just draw a bunch of circles at cut depth and surface?

I had to cut 12 circles at full depth, and then cover the portions of the circles with shapes with a zero cut depth to end up the current piece.

Also had to make sure that the inside cut of a larger circle didnt cross into the outside cut of the smaller circle. With a 1/8in bit, I was able to make 1/2 inch wide pieces with 1 inch radius differences.

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Thanks Brandon, we will see how it goes this weekend when I try it out.