I really don't care for this forum software

Just some feedback. I ordered the x-carve the day it was announced and yet I don’t think I’ve posted to or even read this forum more than three times. Why? This bizarre format. Maybe I’m just too used to standard form and tree structure but this just seems like chaos to me. Love the product and love you guys, amazing support. Just think you might have a more active forum base if this site were more… traditional.

This seems more blog/reply then topic and discussion based.

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Well… This is an Inventables forum…
Looking forward to see your version.


I was not impressed at first either. I too like the older style forums but this one has grown on me. You cannot beat the information or the great group of people who contribute ideas and answer questions. Like cncrockstar stated, you are welcome to try your hand at it but beware, you can look at the Shapeoko forum and see what a ghost town it has become.

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I didnt liked at first glance too… however I must say that it one of the best forum systems by far. I wish everyone had access to this engine and made their forums with this.

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The forum software is an open source project that you can find here https://github.com/discourse/discourse.

I like the others prefer this forum software. The latest tab and push notifications alone make it worth it. About the only thing I don’t like is the home icon at the top of the page does not take you back to the latest tab.


I like the software - except for the search function which I think needs an enema.

One significant thing I don’t like about it is that it keeps no back history, so if you happen to hit the browser back button accidentally it takes you to the start of the forum.