I still can't set up my X carve

I have downloaded everything that was required: zip, drivers, etc.Run them as administrator, restarted the computer, but I can’t connect the computer to the machine.I can’t find the program either. I’m not a computer geek, or anything closer, and I am not giving up, but I don’t know what else to do. I let the spindle run for over 2 minutes, but nothing happened.

I had to download the extra driver listed here
“NOTE: If you’re having trouble connecting your X-Controller on a computer running Windows, you may need to update the FTDI driver then re-start your computer. Click here for a direct download. The linked file is a .zip file for installation on Windows 7 and newer only. If possible we recommend installing the driver using administrative privileges, with a right click.”

I did that too.

What program are u using to connect, Try using Easel to setuo xcarve machine

If for some reason the Xcontroller isn’t powered there is nothing to connect to.
Make sure the E-stop is properly released (twist and pull firmly).
Any of the status LEDs on the controller on?

I used Easel to set it up. No lights on.

E-stop released. No lights on.

Disconnect or bypass the E-stop.
No lights on = no power is getting to the controller. The Estop is a likely, but not only possible culprit.

now I have power, but nothing is happening

the machine was on, but there is no movement or drop down menu to indicate that the computer is connected to the machine

I’m having pretty much the same exact problem

I checked the e-stop button and I had it facing the wrong direction, now I was able to verify that the motors work, but the homing got stuck. I’m waiting for a call from customer service.

If you want to we can go lower in the hierarchy to find out what we can about your system.

Do you know how to use the Arduino serial monitor?

Going through this exercise we can determine which part of your system is working at the hardware level.

Take a look and see if you can do this on your machine.

Larry, I’m absolutely terrible with computers, I found out that the e-stop was facing the wrong direction, but now I have a problem with the homing system. But thanks for your reply.

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Might as well learn now. your homing switch direction has a trivial solution.

I have my X-carve all assembled but I can’t get through the setup. The machine moves in the correct way for each axis. But when I do homing switches it growels and vibrates until I hit the stop switch. If there is anyone in my local area ( central Wisconsin) that could help me I would be very grateful. I have cancer and am waiting for my surgery , but it would sure be nice to have my X-Carve working. Right now it is very difficult to concentrate on anything except getting well. Please help if you can.

1 - If you command a 1" jog is the travel also 1"? (Verify all axes)
2 - Is there actual movement going on?

GRBL parameter $25=500 which ask the axes to move towards the switch at 500mm/min. This slower motion may appear to be growl-like due to slow move rate / micro step combination. If the axes move, let it run.
I would however move the axes close to the switches before performing a homing cycle

Homing cycle do two taps, one at the speed defined in $25, then pulls off a distance set by $27 before it feed very slowly towards the switch for the 2nd time. This rate is the $24 value. Once Z is done X/Y are done in unison.


  • Initial seek at speed defined by $25
  • Pulls off, distance defined by $27
  • 2nd tap at speed defined by $24
    The distance the initial seek will do is 150% of what the soft limit range is set to ($130-132 values)

Since the machine is running slower it may sound much coarser.

Serious question for the group … given Gary’s medical condition and desire to do something with the machine … does he need to care if the homing switches work or not RIGHT NOW so long as it’s moving fine otherwise? Just unlock without homing, jog to wherever on the workpiece and carve?

I frequently choose to “unlock machine without homing”. Thinking back to my initial purchase, I even want to say that homing switches were an optional item.

Definitely something to investigate/fix at some point, but is there risk in carving without it? Maybe just keep an eye on the machine and be ready to hit the stop button if needed?

If you want send me a private message and I could help you trough a video call

I almost never use the limited switches. It works without it fine