I think I rocked this sign!

I created this custom LED sign for a friend’s rock show he puts on for friends and family. Everyone enjoyed it and really lit up the stage!


i have a video of my sign all lit up but i cant seem to upload it, Its an MP4 any advice not sure what I’m doing wrong.

I think you did to! Sign looks great and curious on how you did the lighting

It was quite a challenge. I made the lettering and mountain so it floated with equal gapping offset from front circle then I mounted it all to plexi-glass and attached from behind. I then made a circle frame behind the whole sign to house lighting. I wrapped LED strip lighting on the inside and outside of the circle frame. It was freakin bright. I will post a video of it when I get home.

Here’s the sign all lit up installed on the stage. It looked so cool glowing up there with the bands and everyone partyin it up!! The band is a local group from Seattle Washington called Shaggy Sweet,


Is the LED controllable? How big is the sign?

yes it has a remote to change all different colors, different modes.
Its a big sucker used my whole machine! 30 inches in diameter.

Was the led hard to install? I’ve seen a lot of cheap
Led kits on eBay but I have not been too impressed. I’m working on a similar project and id like to also add a strobe feature

Phil can you cut the rope into segments and solder together with wire?

Ok I bought some on Amazon but they were waterproof and the soldering pads didn’t work. Not sure how much experience you have with LED but I’m building a similar project to this. Colors are cool, remote control a must, but I would like to also control the strobe from the remote as well… Any ideas? Is there something that allows me to do solid color and strobe from the same remote?

You don’t even need to solder, I use these. They make great connectors to the LED string

Those are cool!

I did but I couldn’t get the solder to stick and it ended up looking like crap. My project is strictly indoor so I would rather just buy it without

I’ve done a lot of small soldering… Owned a hobby shop for 5 years

Think I found what I’m looking for… A dual output remote

it has sticky adhesive backing, peel and stick. I was worried it wouldn’t be strong enough but so far hasn’t come loose. seemed pretty snug.

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Man I think you did also that sign is great