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I want to buy a co2 laser cutting machine

I want to buy a co2 laser cutting machine to start my business of advertising signs, the main use is the cutting acrylic. Any advice on which brand to choose? I read a lot on ebay, but I was confused. Can anyone help and recommend one? Thanks in advance.

you could start by telling us your price range and wanted workspace size

If you are going to use it for a business, go with a name brand unit with support in your country. Also determine the size of products you are going to make and make sure the unit supports that size. You do get what you pay for so spend the maximum in your budget.

this compnay they have a Epilog Legend Laser very good system.

I would 2nd that recommendation by B.F.

Using brand products are always good. If you want to buy a good laser machine then you can go through
Here you can get good products with affordable prices. Recently I bought a 60W CO2 laser machine. It is a professional grade engraving/cutting machine with the latest 4th generation DSP technology with Color Display!

Check out boss laser as well…

Just bought myself a new CO2 Laser. Yes it is a Cheap Chinese one but I have two of them now and I know how to make it work for me.

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I do not recommend Laguna. I purchased one of their 150w CO2 Lasers. It has been a nightmare to say the least. Hopefully I can get my full review of the machine and my experience with the company posted soon.

I know part of this story. I wouldn’t buy anything from Laguna for any reason. If they offered to give me one I would decline and do my engraving by hand.

I have been overwhelmed lately with other issues. But soon will be posting my full review of the machine along with the remainder of my dealings with Laguna. I will state this much. They stole from me in the process. When I placed my order they misquoted the price on a second replacement laser tube. They Promised to Honor this price so I went ahead and purchased the replacement tube at the quoted price. However, they have not fulfilled this order and in addition they kept the money that I paid for the replacement laser tube. Now they won’t even respond to my requests regarding this issue. So not only do they sell a subpar and in my opinion very dangerous product, they are also thieves and cons as well.

Granted they did reimburse me for a portion of the original sales price of the machine, however there was no agreement or mentioning of the replacement tube that I paid for.

So Laguna still owes me a 150W RECI Tube, that I paid for and they refuse to even respond to me in regards to it.

I will never do business with Laguna again.

Sounds like someone needs to register the domain name

They would probably just turn around and use it as promotion for their dust collectors.

@HalfNormal What modifications did you need to make to that 60W one?

Right now the only modification I can see is a water flow sensor since it does not have one. I might add add a temperature sensor to the water as well.

This unit is actually large enough to contain a 60 watt laser tube without it sticking out the side. There is a side plate when I want to upgrade to my 130 watt laser tube!

A common problem. The laser diode people do it too.

I really believe in the old adages you get what you pay for. With that being said, for the price I paid for this laser, if I wanted to buy a RECI tube and power supply I’d be far a head of a price of about $10,000 for an equivalent unit from a reputable dealer. And if you read on some of the forums even reputable dealers have their problems.
So far this unit has been working flawlessly and I believe it is close or actually a 60-watt tube.

Yeah, check out my thread reviewing Laguna’s CO2 laser cutter.

I see nothing wrong with the route that you have taken. I wish I had taken the exact same route after purchasing my machine.

I have and wish you the best.

What are the differences between a 40 watt CO2 laser system and a 150 watt laser system?

Here are the things I can think of:

  1. laser tube is larger
  2. probably need a different laser power supply
  3. probably need a larger capacity chiller
  4. larger capacity exhaust system ?
  5. of course, more money

Anything else?