I want to make a wearable mask like papercraft but

i want to make a wearable mask. starting with something like the paper-craft ones but im unsure about how to actually go about this whole project. im a fond person of things that scare the living hell out of people and even creeping myself out at times(Halloween is my birthday) but how do i go about it? so lets say maybe try to use a simple template like the paper-crafting style of masks for starters. So the paper ones involve folding/bending the poster-board or whatever medium to make certain shapes but thats not gonna be easy using plywood even if i were to use kerfing system (the way that the flexible type of bendable plywood is done) to bend or fold the plywood or hardboard sheet to make specific shapes/contours of whatever anyone could think of. Thought about taking a face shaped drawing or any mask template or shape of a monster head and cutting it like the way the voronoi generator puts lines throughout a shape was what i thought of using but the cuts would have to involve a/many vbit/ballnose type cuts of different angles to be able to create the contours of our faces/heads as well as having to cut most of the design from the backside of the mask to be able to form a shape that will work. cutting the front side of the mask will be inverted so frontside cuts are a no go unless you have a inverted head lol. its all just an idea i thought about doing. it might be stupid but it also might be crazy.

Just remember that the way to spell crazy isn’t always those five letters. sometimes it is spelled with six letters like this.
the amount of backside v-bit cuts could be overwhelming for some designs. i have a very very very fast lead screw driven system capable of around 300+ ipm so im not worried about time to machine and my depth of cut is all the way through just about any material i can acquire since i happily own a 2.2kw water cooled spindle (youll never regret owning a silent cutting tool). The end mill noise is the only thing besides my 6hp shop vac that has a silencer equipped thanks to my 3d printer that makes noise and i can machine steel if i want to so lets just avoid those restrictions of making any of this. bits capable of running start at 1mm all the way up th 13mm aka half an inch. so start throwing those ideas on here because why the hell does anyone have to say it cant be done just because your unsure of how to do it. isnt that what we are all here on the forum for anyway.

i could relief carve it but have never done one so thats why i am here seeking ideas and help. forgot to add that

David Picciuto made these in one of his videos. These were made using his laser, but you might be able to do the same with your CNC. These are several layers of veneer laminated together.

The scary part will have to come from your own design.

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