I would love some ideas on using some copper and brass I was given

I was given this copper and brass plate by a friend.

I want to do something cool with it, but my brain is fried right now for ideas. I thought of using the copper as a backboard, cut out some lettering in dark walnut, (wording or a quote) then gluing the letters to the copper plate and framing it, but there is much cooler stuff I could do than just a sign. Inlays maybe?

My machine has been upgraded to rigid screws on all three Axis, So I can cut or engrave the metal no problem.

Just thought I would brainstorm the hive mind,

Check the alloy of the copper to see if it includes beryllium — if it does, don’t machine it w/o suitable precautions.

When I made a locking register caliper, the intention was to remake it in brass:


suitable precautions? I assume the Beryllium gives off toxic fumes when heated?

or apparently particles that will attach to my lungs and kill me

That liver of sulfur really looks amazing…

Love the Anniversary Card idea.

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