ICYMI: upcoming improvement to Fusion 360 Mesh imports

see: http://forums.autodesk.com/t5/design-validate-document/imported-mesh-models/td-p/6254510

There will be a mesh preview in Fusion 360 by the end of July 2016. The mesh workspace will have functionality based on the Mesh Mixer technology.
This will allow you to import a mesh body and perform operations like scale, move, rotate, reduce/remesh, cut, repair, etc.

This is the basic work flow we want to support in Fusion:

The section in the center of the flow chart doesn’t represent the all of the mesh editing.
Not all the parts are there now but we will be adding functionality over time.
One aspect that isn’t obvious from this flow chart adding the ability to handle large/dense mesh bodies and be able to convert Triangles mesh to Quad mesh and from Quad mesh to TSplines.

This is exciting for me as everything I am currently doing involves importing meshes into Fusion
Currently there is a 10k face limit when you import: you cannot convert to anything which will generate a CAM toolpath if the model is more complex than that, meaning that you essentially must down-res your models to get them in.
With this update that limitation may go away.
if it does it means we gain a big resolution boost in what we can carve using Fusion as a modelling tool.

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